We have a new mission.

A mission to change the world.

100,000 reasons to be responsible.

We really care about our planet. This year we plan to produce up to 100,000 different products, from accessories to packaging materials and boxes. We are aware of how big an impact our activities have, so we have done our best to keep the environmental impact as small as possible. From degradable packaging materials, to plastic reduction, to compostable accessories, we're always thinking about how to do something better. We don't respect the status-quo. Our goal is to inspire change. Start with yourself and join us.

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Plastic is a material that our planet can't handle on its own. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more tonnes of plastic in the oceans than fish. That's why we've decided to reduce the use of plastic in all our packaging. It's our first step towards a plastic-free future.

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Our suppliers change with us. For the better.

Our special requirements often give our suppliers a headache. And we don't blame them. But our requirements for materials, degradability and long-term sustainability often inspire our suppliers to consider the environmental impact and make a difference. We always choose greener options. Only then can our mission be successful.

Are you interested?

Join our mission and save the planet :)