Our products have been carefully developed and prototyped many times over a long period of time.

Each piece is carefully inspected by our staff before packaging and shipping. 

Own service centre

We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service in our own service center.

Because we develop the products ourselves, we know how to repair them and can offer spare parts at unbeatable prices.

We are a manufacturer and distributor

Our basic motto is to offer innovative, unique products, which we ourselves, in a rapidly changing world, lack.

We take care of every detail in the development of our products, and we test every piece carefully.

During production, we supervise the quality of workmanship, optimizing production processes. This enables us to offer our products at very affordable prices.

Because we create the products ourselves, we are able to respond flexibly to new suggestions, your comments and ideas.

Whatever you can think of, do not hesitate to send us. We will consider the feasibility of the idea and then implement it.

And we will be happy to reward every good idea!

Free shipping and a gif

We appreciate your interest in our products.

We do not burden you with transport costs and we will deliver the products to your home free of charge.

Just add products worth at least 2000 CZK to your cart.

We care that our products will serve you for a long time, that's why we have decided to give you a free protective case with MISURA monitors.