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Ergonomic laptop stand ME11Ergonomic laptop stand ME11

Ergonomic laptop stand ME11

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113 € 134 €
Ergonomic laptop stand ME11, size: 285 x 290 x 45-360 mm, adjustable height: 45-360 mm, color: silver, suitable for devices 17" and smaller
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MISURA laptop stand  ME21-SILVERMISURA laptop stand  ME21-SILVER

MISURA laptop stand ME21-SILVER

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60 € 67 €
The MISURA ME21-SILVER ergonomic stand for smaller laptops, tablets and mobile phones is made of aluminum and silicone. For the right…
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MISURA laptop stand ME15-SILVERMISURA laptop stand ME15-SILVER

MISURA laptop stand ME15-SILVER

In stock
113 € 125,50 €
The ergonomic laptop stand MISURA ME15-SILVER with a diagonal of 10-17 “is made of aluminum construction and silicone. As it supports the…