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The multifunctional laptop storage stand is designed for all laptop sizes. It supports the ergonomics of the workspace and therefore helps you eliminate back pain. It also protects your notebook from scratches thanks to rounded corners and silicone anti-slip pads. Product parameters: width 115 mm, length 255 mm and height 60 mm. More

Manufacturer: MISURA Product code: P21A26S01 Shipping and Payment

Storage base MISURA MH05

Product advantages

  • For all laptop sizes
  • Ergonomic workspace
  • High-quality aluminium alloy
  • Rounded corners protect the laptop from scratches
  • Silicone inserts protect against slipping and scratching (5 pcs)

Size (mm): 115 x 255 x 60 mm

Material Aluminium alloy, Silicone
Colour Silver
Utilization Suitable for laptop, Suitable for tablet, Storage