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Transmitter, streaming device for perfect transmission of uncompressed high-quality video and audio. More

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You no longer need any cables to connect your device to the screen, while maintaining the same signal quality as with a wired connection.

This MISURA MCAST wireless HDMI transmitter uses millimetre wave technology with ultra-high frequency bandwidth of 60 GHz, supporting lossless 1080p 60Hz display up to 5 meters away. Using this technology, there is no delay in image and video transmission. With USB-C and HDMI input ports, it supports most mobile devices and laptops. No app is needed - the MISURA MCAST works instantly after Plug&Play connection.

Product highlights:

  • Zero image and video lag
  • High quality video transmission
  • Versatility - high compatibility
  • Plug&Play solution - no need to install anything
  • MISURA MCAST does not need an internet connection for video transmission
  • Compactness and silence

Wiring procedure:

  • Connect the MCAST receiver from the screen (TV, monitor, data projector). Connect the receiver using an HDMI cable (for signal transmission) and a USB cable (for power supply). Can be powered directly from the monitor. If the monitor does not have a USB output, an external USB charger (5V-1A; common cell phone charger) can be connected. 

  • Connect the HDMI transmitter to your device - laptop, mobile phone or other device (game console, camera, tablet, ...). If your device has USB-C, use the adapter (included).

  • The device will immediately start transmitting the video signal from your computer to the connected screen (TV, monitor, data projector).

  • Enjoy perfect image transmission.

Material Aluminium alloy
Colour BlackSilver
Weight 0,35 kg
Package contents Receiver, HDMI transmiter, USB-C adapter, cables, monitor mount