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The ergonomic laptop stand MISURA ME15-SILVER with a diagonal of 10-17 “is made of aluminum construction and silicone. As it supports the ergonomics of the working environment, it has the option of choosing the ideal height from 35 to 320 mm. Product parameters: width 230 mm and length 280 mm. More

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ME15 laptop stand

Need a stand for your laptop? The MISURA ME15 stand is the best choice. Its ergonomic shape makes it ideal for relieving back, neck and shoulder fatigue. You can comfortably place your laptop on the stand , increasing your user comfort while cooling your device more efficiently. You can also place your favorite book on the MISURA ME15 stand. The desk itself will be protected against scratches thanks to the non-slip surface.


  • Universal stand for all types of laptops with a diagonal of 10-17"
  • Made of aluminium construction and silicone
  • Promotes workspace ergonomics
  • Can be adjusted to the ideal height from 35 to 320 mm
  • Easily unfoldable and collapsible
  • Suitable for work travel
  • Non-slip surface also protects against scratches
  • Has cooling vents to promote faster heat dissipation

MISURA ME15 stand for all laptops

The MISURA ME15 stand can accommodate any size laptop. Its compact shape makes it very easy to carry, so you can take it with you anywhere.

MISURA ME15 - quality stand for all laptops

The MISURA ME03 ergonomic laptop stand is very solid and stable, so you don't have to worry about your valuable laptop falling out. The stand is made of high quality material, so it will last with you for a long time. 

The MISURA ME15 stands out for its height adjustment

The MISURA ME15 stand allows you to choose the optimal height. Just choose what suits you best.