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Massage gun MBXPro , 14 x 21 x 6,6 cm, Operating time 24 hours, Battery Li-ion 2000mA, Package contents Massager, 9x massage head, Power adapter, Suitcase, Manual More

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MISURA massage gun MBXPro

Innovative design for easy and comfortable massage

The revolutionary massage gun MBXPro was designed for those who do not accept compromises. Thanks to its advanced functions such as hot and cold heads, it offers a new dimension of massage experience.

The ergonomic shape of the MBXPro gun ensures a comfortable and natural hold during the entire massage, even when high pressure is needed. Thanks to the possibility to use the jet massage gun with both hands, the massage is very effective. Forget about pain and tension. With MBXPro, every massage is easy and comfortable.

9 types of massage heads for full body massage 

Thanks to 9 interchangeable massage heads, you can customize the massage exactly according to your needs and preferences. With different types of heads, you can target different muscle groups and achieve an optimal effect.

Regardless of whether you need to relax large muscle groups after training or work on specific problem areas, the interchangeable heads allow you to achieve full relaxation and recovery. Treat yourself to a unique massage experience.

Easy charging via USB-C and replaceable battery 

The MBXPro massage gun is equipped with a USB-C charging connector, which makes charging easy and affordable. You no longer need to worry about complicated adapters or looking for special charging equipment. Just connect the USB-C cable and you can charge your massage gun directly from your computer, power bank or any other device with a USB output.

In addition, MBXPro includes two replaceable batteries in the package, which ensures continuous operation and longer usage time without having to wait for a full charge. MBXPro is the ideal companion for active individuals, athletes and professional massage therapists. Ready to deliver the power you need whenever you need it.

Hot compression and soft vibration

MBXPro delivers an amazing combination of hot compression and gentle vibrations. Thanks to this innovative feature, you can feel like you are in a luxurious thermal spa, where muscles relax and tension floats away.

Hot compression penetrates deeper layers of muscles, releasing stiffness and improving blood flow, while gentle vibrations penetrate each muscle, stimulating the nervous system and providing maximum relaxation.

Thanks to this combination, every massage with MBX is an experience you will want to enjoy again and again.

Massage head with function hot and cold compresses

Hot Compression

The warm compression penetrates into the deeper layers of the muscles, helping to relieve tension and improve blood flow to the muscle tissue.
This function is ideal for relieving muscle spasms, stiffness or for < strong>increasing flexibility of muscles before training.

Cold Compression

Cold compression has a soothing and refreshing effect on muscles.
It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling, which is ideal for muscle regeneration after strenuous exercise or physical activity.
This feature also helps to soothe muscle tissue after a massage and contributes to an overall feeling of relaxation and rest.

Thanks to the combination of warm and cold compression, the MBXPro massage gun providesit provides comprehensive muscle care, similar to a thermal spa, and allows users to achieve maximum relaxation and regeneration.

Main product features

  • 12 mm deep massage
    The power of the MBX Pro high-pressure massage penetrates deep into the muscle layers, providing intense relaxation and release.
  • Powerful and silent motor
    The MBX Pro features a powerful motor that provides a deep and intense massage while still remaining quiet for undisturbed relaxation.
  • Charging via USB-C
    Easy and practical charging using the USB-C connector enables fast charging by connecting to a computer, power banks or other devices with USB output.
  • Replaceable battery
    Two replaceable batteries in the package ensure continuous operation and longer use time without having to wait for recharging.
  • 9 Interchangeable Heads
    MBX Pro is designed for full body use to achieve optimal muscle relaxation and recovery after a day's exertion.
  • Warm and cold compression function
    For comprehensive muscle care and perfect relaxation like in a thermal spa.

Dimension 14 x 21 x 6,6 cm
Built-in battery Li-ion 2000 mAh
Material Highly durable non-slip plastic, Silicone
Colour Black
Weight 2,2 kg
Noisiness Max 42 dB
Vibration frequency 1600 - 3000 rpm
Package contents Massager, Power adapter, Instructions, 9x massage head
Number of heads 9
Battery life 2 x 12 hours
Power 80W