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Ergonomic laptop stand ME08, size: 225 x 261 x 113 mm, colour: silver, suitable for 17" and smaller devices More

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Ergonomic laptop stand ME08

Do you want to achieve greater comfort when using your laptop and are looking for a quality stand? The MISURA ME08 SILVER stands out with its ergonomic design that will relieve neck, back and wrist fatigue. In the stand, the laptop will be placed at your eye level, increasing user comfort. The desk itself will be protected against scratches thanks to non-slip pads. Silicone pads will prevent the laptop from moving around in the stand. The ergonomic stand is suitable for devices up to 17" in size. The MISURA ME08 SILVER will protect your device from overheating as better airflow around your laptop will be achieved.


  • Stand designed for laptops up to 17" and smaller 
  • The use of high quality material will give the stand a long life
  • The MISURA ME08 SILVER has non-slip feet and even surfaces for stable attachment of the laptop
  • Helps relieve neck, back and wrist fatigue
  • Stand can be easily unfolded
  • MISURA stand design allows for more efficient cooling of the laptop

MISURA ME08 stand with ergonomic screen positioning

The ME08 SILVER stand accommodates laptops 17" and smaller. The MISURA ME08 has been designed so that the monitor screen is ideally positioned at your eye level. This is what makes the laptop stand relieve your back, neck and wrist pain.

MISURA ME08 SILVER Universal Stand for all laptops

The MISURA ME08 SILVER laptop stand stands out with its solid and stable design, so you don't have to worry about dropping your laptop. The construction made of high-quality materials guarantees a long life of the MISURA stand.

With the MISURA stand you will achieve better cooling of your laptop

The ME08 SILVER stand was made with better cooling of laptops in mind. Its design increases airflow around the laptop and therefore operating temperatures will be lower.